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FedEx is an American company that is specialized in offering some great express courier services all over the world. Services include shipment tracking and shipments of packages and cargo in the US and worldwide. The offices also offer printing, binding, and copying services. They also offer fax services to visiting customers. is an incredible effort by the company to analyze the thought process of the customers.

The FedEx Office Customer Survey is a great opportunity for valued FedEx customers to visit to place their genuine and honest feedback and opinions regarding the quality of the services of the company. The participation in the FedEx Survey offers the customers a chance to claim and get the $7 discount.

Usage ModeOnline
UseCollecting Customer Opinions
Survey PrizesDecent Discounts
SiteOfficial Site

How Do I Take FedEx Survey?

The FedEx Survey is easy to answer for every customer of FedEx. To answer this survey, the customer just needs to visit a set of steps that are completely simple to perform. We have listed the same below. Have a read:

  • To begin the survey, visit the official FedEx Survey website.
  • Now, go with the language that you wish to use to answer the survey questionnaire.
  • A list of instructions regarding the survey will be displayed on your screen. Go through the instructions and hit the button that says “Next”.
  • Now, you will be displayed a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire accommodates some questions about your last visit to the FedEx. You need to answer every question of the questionnaire honestly.
  • Please make sure that you are honest while answering the survey questionnaire. Remember, your answers will have a deep effect on the services of FedEx.
  • Now submit the valid transaction number that was used on your purchase. The purchase is printed on your purchase receipt.
  • Now, you will be prompted to input the date and time of the visit. Again, these details are printed on your purchase receipt.
  • In the end, you will be asked to enter a valid email address to receive the notification.
  • Now, you will be offered a validation code. You can redeem this code and then get a discount from the FedEx of $5.

What Are The Terms And Conditions?

Unlike other surveys in which organizations give participants thousands of dollars, FedEx has made it much easier for everyone to take the survey according to the rules. The rules for the same are listed here.

  • The maximum discount offered to the participants of this survey is $5.
  • No FedEx employee or the family members of the FedEx employees can be a part of this survey.
  • Kindly note that the gift voucher can be validated within 30 days of your purchase only.

FedEx Survey

The FedEx Survey participated in by 1,000 consumers to determine whether there was a link between small business signage and consumer affirmation movement, includes the impact of a sign on consumer visiting intent. The survey is available at the website address

The survey results are good news for small businesses that use attractive posters to promote their business. FedEx Office is an American courier company that is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The reason we conduct the FedEx Customer Satisfaction Survey is to enhance the quality of the services we currently offer and to address customer concerns. We take into consideration each feedback received in the survey and work on the same in the best possible way.

FedEx Survey Rewards

Your participation in this survey will offer you a wide range of rewards. The company thanks you for your contribution to this portal.

The FedEx offers the customers with a decent discount of $5 on their future purchases after they take the FedEx Survey.

Receive free FedEx rewards opportunities like $7 off for your valuable feedback and suggestions on the Survey.

When people take this customer satisfaction survey, they also receive a verification code. Use this validation code to get $7 off your next purchase of $ 40 or more in print jobs. Follow the FedEx Survey Guide to claim FedEx Office coupons and get a 10% discount on your next visit. is a great way to earn FedEx Office coupons and make sure that the FedEx offers you with the best. The FedEx Survey portal tries to find out how your visit was like and what improvements the company can make to serve you with the best.

FedEx offers an online service to record your comments and suggestions on the FedEx customer satisfaction survey at so that the company can evaluate themselves.

FedEx invites customers who have recently visited a FedEx website to complete a short online survey to provide feedback so the company can see how they are doing and what else they can do with the service and improve everything. The management team of FedEx ensures that they will take each and every feedback received into consideration and thus work on the feedback received in the best possible way.

To thank the customer for participating in the survey, FedEx offers a 10% coupon offer for the next print order starting at $10. The maximum amount of this discount is $ 10. The validation code will be offered at the end of the survey.

FedEx is an American company that offers express courier services throughout the world. Services of the FedEx include shipment tracking along with shipments of packages and cargo in the US and all over the world. The offices also offer printing, binding, and copying services. There is also a fax service in their offices.

FedEx Customer Service Survey is eager to interact with you and collect your opinions. So, hurry up and take the Survey to receive the best.

The Survey offers you a discount of $7 on your next visit to the FedEx. Customer Support

If you have any issues with FedEx Survey or the FedEx Survey portal, a FedEx technical support team has been set up to resolve them. We always suggest that you speak to customer service as they can resolve your issue in no time. In annex, the company also offers the facility of online chats. There would be a person to listen and solve your doubts through the chat.

FedEx Survey Customer Support: 1 (800) 463-3339

FedEx is an American company that offers global courier services. Established in 1997 and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the company has expanded its original air and ground services business with a retail division and door-to-door delivery options.