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The First Robotics Competition (FRC) as FRC Proboards was a difficulty for the first time in the year 1992. Every year, the FRC granted a new challenge when it launched in the month of January.

Students work with acknowledged mentors to solve the professional design problem in exactly six weeks, then operate with other organizations in alliances to play the game. At competitive events, where they are assessed on design, modification, and variations.

Official NameFRC Proboards
RequirementAuthentic Email ID
Country USA
SiteOfficial Site

Registration Procedure For FRC Proboards

When you have recognized a bulletin board you want to engage in at FRC Proboards, click the Subscribe key in the top list bar of that forum. This will take visitors to the registration page where you can create a new account.

It will ask you to ask a few relevant inquiries on the registration site to get the account up and operating at the official site at merely.

  • First, choose a fraction of users to log into your account.
  • User figures which contain letters and numbers.
  • Then choose a password. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long. And it must contain capitals, figures, and spaces.
  • Enter the password again to confirm it. If both the passwords do not match, individuals will be asked to write again.
  • Enter an email address to which you can resend the activation key and also seen to the viewers if not changed.
  • This email address can also be applied in the future to recover a forgotten password.
  • Enter the same email address again to confirm in the section.
  • Then individuals will be asked for their date of birth. You can hide this data from other users of the bulletin board.
  • Once hidden, only the staff can see your entered date of birth.
  • Individuals will be asked to select the gender from the drop-down menu.
  • Once your account is generated, hide data on the profile for security purposes.
  • After completing this enrollment form, individuals will be proposed to enter the captcha correctly.

FRC Proboards Terms & Conditions

Hereby, there are some listed rules for FRC Proboards Login and basic norms for using the forum and the platform itself. Also note this for issues of not being dismissed from the forum.

  • Spam in relevant cases. This resulted in the ban on the activated account.
  • Avoid trolling and be sure to respect all players in the association.
  • Proboards FRC takes the BNBR guidelines very sincerely.
  • Therefore, follow the guidance to avoid any issues.
  • The firm will expect that there will be no unauthorized public content under any conditions.
  • In such cases, your account will be blocked at the

FRC Proboards Activate The Account

In the FRC Proboards forum account activation mode, activate by entering the activation key after the first contact. Find key activation in an attachment to emails and insert them in the key activation section after the FRC Proboards Login procedure.

Individuals can also just click and follow the on-screen instructions to activate! The link is in the email sent directly so that the code is inserted automatically. Individuals by entering the legitimate and correct activation code by email, verify that you have not computed the space.

If any individuals after the login did not receive the activation code through email, please check the spam folder of the registered email account so the email provider does not automatically resend the code.

If any individuals did not receive the code, they can request a new code from FRC Proboards. The following section appears above the field where the activation code is written where the individuals have to enter your activation key in the section.

Click the resend link to access the activation code section. Press the ‘Send New Activation Code’ link to revive a new code at the registered email address.