Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours, Time & Menu-When Do They End Serving The Breakfast?

The Kona Café at Disney World Resort is a casual cafeteria-style restaurant that is specialized in offering a wide range of delicious dishes. Most of the people visiting the Disney Resort prefer to make their trip more memorable by enjoying their meals at the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours.

The Kona is headquartered at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It is extremely close to the magical fun park.

Sometimes, people find it difficult to locate the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours. But we have explained the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours schedule, the menu, etc. in detail in our article. Just keep reading.

Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours Menu

For lunch, you can enjoy delicious snacks such as Kona’s famous crab cakes along with the sticky wings. They also serve very exclusive and delicious starters like the island-style beef burger and the bowl of pasta with pork belly. And they probably also offer the best sushi at Walt Disney World. Not to mention first-class desserts and all kinds of nutritious and delicious meals for children. Hardly, anyone gets disappointed by enjoying the meals at the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours. Some of the delicious dishes served along with the price of the same are listed below:

Tinker Bell$6.99
Liliko's Juice$4.49
Mega Berry Smoothie$4.99
Tonga Toast$12.99
Big Kahuna$11.99
Steak and Eggs$14.49
Blueberry Pancakes$10.49
Ham and Cheese Omlette$11.49
The Samoan$9.99
French Toast$9.99
Fruit Plate$8.99
Coffee with French Press Pot$7.99
Caffe Latte$4.29
Cafe Mocha$4.79

Kona’s evening menu is almost the same as the lunch menu. But, both lunch and dinner give different sorts of refreshments on every bite.

The evening menu includes coffee steak, five-spice ahi tuna, and a fresh herb pork chop. In addition to these dishes, the afternoon menu is practically identical to the lunch menu.

If you are visiting Disney, you should definitely enjoy the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours to make your trip to Disney more memorable.

Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours Timings

Now, you must be thinking that what is the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours schedule? At what time should I visit there to enjoy the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours?  We have explained the schedule in detail below. Have a look:

Monday to Sunday7.30 AM to 11.00 AM

Thus, you can enjoy your breakfast at the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours from 7.30 AM to 11:00 AM. If you visit their premises after 11:00 AM, you can enjoy the delicious lunch on their premises.

One of the most popular dishes of the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours is Tonga toast that is stuffed with bananas and cinnamon. But it is not the only dish that needs to be tested. You can test various other dishes too. Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours hardly disappoints anyone.

Specialty Of The Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours

Kona coffee offers American cuisine an Asian touch. The restaurant’s friendly atmosphere and kitchen style make it an exceptional gastronomic experience for each and every customer enjoying the breakfast on its premises.

Also, you can enjoy lunch and dinner on their premises.

Breakfast at the Kona Cafe is a bang, but lunch and dinner aren’t a joke, either.

In fact, their delicious egg and pancake dishes are even more popular than Tonga toast. The customers just love enjoying the combination of eggs and pancakes on the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours premises.

Gastronomic Tip: If you love pancakes, try the pineapple pancakes with macadamia. These are by far the best macadamia and pineapple pancakes you will enjoy.

Why Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours?

Though the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours lunch menu is almost identical to the dinner menu, you won’t get disappointed with the taste factor. Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours also make sure that they don’t compromise with the health even a bit in order to preserve the taste.

The evening menu at the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours includes coffee steak, five-spice ahi tuna, and a fresh herb pork chop.

Official NameKona Cafe Breakfast Hours
Location Disney
Services and Availability of foodGood

The Kona Cafe is a restaurant that is located in the Polynesian Village Resort in Walt Disney World. We’ve already rated the Kona Cafe for lunch and dinner, but breakfast is also one of the most popular and the most loved meals at the Kona Cafe, so we have explained each and every detail regarding it in our article. The breakfast menu doesn’t really have the Asian flair of the other menus, but it is a tropical variation of the American breakfast.

Also, they make sure that no customer complains about the quality of ingredients used in the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours. Each and every ingredient used in the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours is of superior quality.