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McDonald’s is dependent on its customer’s satisfaction and their opinions to be the best in the world. McDonald’s has been providing some excellent food and services since the very first days of its establishment. McDVOICE Survey allows McDonald’s to make sure that customers are loving what they are serving and how can they improve their services and food.

Official NameMcDVOICE
CountryUnited States
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RewardsFree Meals
SiteOfficial Site

Conducting McDVOICE Survey At

  • To initiate this survey, visit the official website of the McDonald’s at
  • As soon as you land on the website, you will be prompted to select the desired language in which you wish to conduct the McDVOICE Survey.
  • Select your desired language and submit your survey code that will be stamped on your McDonald’s purchase receipt.
  • Now, you will be asked to submit some details like the date and time of your visit to the McDonald’s, the store number of the McDonald’s store you visited, etc.
  • After you submit the above details, tap “Start”.
  • A McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire will be displayed on the screen which consists of a series of questions based on your satisfaction level.
  • After you answer all the questions honestly, have a go on the “Submit” button.
  • Further, you will be inquired about some basic contact details.
  • At last, a McDonald’s validation code will be displayed on your screen. You need to redeem this code on your next visit to any of the McDonald’s store.

What Are The Pre-Requisites Of The McDVOICE Survey?

  • A PC, Laptop, or a smartphone.
  • A stable wifi or internet connection.
  • Fluency in either the English or Spanish language.
  • A purchase receipt from any of the McDonald’s store.

McDVOICE Survey Questionnaire

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey consists of the questions purely based on your last visit experience. Some of the factors covered in the McDVOICE Survey questionnaire are:

  • Cleanliness of the McDonald’s restaurant.
  • The quality of the food served at McDonald’s.
  • This survey also covers the price factor at McDonald’s.
  • You will also be asked questions regarding the staff-behavior in the McDVOICE Survey.
  • McDonald’s also inquires about your contact details at the end of the McDonald’s Survey.

McDonald’s Salient Features

  • McDonald started its journey by selling hot dogs and not hamburgers.
  • McDonald’s establish its 1 franchisee every 14.5 hours.
  • More than 68 million people enjoy meals at McDonald’s premises every day.
  • Every day earning of McDonald is US$75 million on a regular basis.
  • McDonald’s has more than 36,000 restaurants all over the world.
  • McDonald’s sells 75 burgers and 9 million french fries every second.
  • The largest branch of McDonald’s is in Beijing which is around 28000 square feet.
  • Bill Gates possesses a McDonald’s Gold Membership Card to buy unlimited fast food.

What Are The McDVOICE Survey Rewards?

McDonald’s appreciates its customers for being a part of the McDVOICE Survey. Yes! customers are rewarded for placing their feedback in this customer satisfaction survey. Have a look at the survey rewards below:

  • On the completion of the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will be dispatched a validation code or coupon code.
  • With that code, you are allowed to claim free delicious burgers at McDonald’s.
  • You can also claim the $25 coupon or voucher by participating in the McDVOICE Survey.
  • McDVOICE Survey also gives you an opportunity to claim the cash rewards worth $1000.
  • Kindly note that the validation code is valid for a limited period of time. Thus, you need to validate the survey validation code before it expires.
  • It is necessary that you carry your McDonald’s purchase receipt on your next visit after participating in the McDVOICE Survey.

The sole purpose of the McDVOICE Survey is to collect valuable feedback from the customers with respect to their general remarks about the services of the McDonald’s, about their views regarding the food as well as the menus served. This survey covers various factors like staff-behavior, cleanliness of the McDonald’s, hygiene of the McDonald’s, the cost-factor at McDonald’s, etc.

Each and every comment in the McDonald’s survey helps the McDonald’s management team to analyze their services, get aware of the issues faced by the customers on their premises, and resolve those issues in the most efficient way.

You need to redeem the McDVOICE Survey validation code after participating in the McDVOICE Survey. If you fail to do so, you can not claim your rewards. McDVOICE Survey can give you free delicious meals on the premises of McDonald’s along with some cashback.

As McDonald’s is one of the most world’s largest food chain restaurants and mainly the USA, the restaurant does a lot for the customers and their opinions and their thoughts on services and food at the McDonald’s premises. The sole focus of the McDVOICE Survey is to enhance the customer satisfaction level on their premises. McDVOICE Survey is one of the most efficient tools for McDonald’s to make sure that they keep on improving their services and food on a regular basis.

McDonald’s receipt: When you get McDonald’s receipt from the clerk, you should check it to see whether it contains the McDVOICE survey code. For the most part, McDonald’s survey code has 26 digits long. Keep in mind that McDonald’s just allows you to take the survey within seven days after the date of the exchange. Following seven days, your McDonald’s receipt will invalid. At the point when your receipt terminates, you can’t utilize the survey code to enter the McDvoice customer survey.

McDVOICE Survey Customer Support

McDonald’s has strived to make sure that no customer faces any issues while conducting the McDVOICE Survey. Still, if you face any issue on the McDVOICE portal, you can contact the McDVOICE customer support without wasting a moment. Have a look at the McDonald’s Customer support contact details below:

McDonald’s Facebook:’sUS

McDonald’s Twitter:’s

McDonald’s YouTube:’s

McDonald’s Instagram:’s

Tumblr: http://McDonald’