OnMyWay App Reviews – Earn Money by driving safe

OnMyWay application is one of the best motivations to avoid the use of a mobile phone while driving the vehicle. The OnMyWay application uses an advanced technology that pays you a certain amount of money for every mile you drive without using your cell phone.

OnMyWay is a free application that enables users to drive safely. Sounds like a great deal, isn’t it?

OnMyWay literally pays to turn on your phone while driving. This application is easy to download and available at the Google Play store.

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The Working Flow Of OnMyWay 

All you have to do is download and install the app before starting your journey. There are basically three ways to make money with the On My Way app:

Driving without a phone: Get $ 0.05 per mile without texting, calling, or checking social media. While driving, the app will block incoming calls and text notifications and automatically send you a reply that you are busy. (The response also includes your referral link with an invitation to join.) However, you can use your phone by using a Bluetooth connection.

Referral Program: Earn $ 0.02 for every mile your referred friend drive without using the phone. And this is a lifetime income that you will get with the application.

Earn As Passenger: To make the app even more attractive, there are even sign-up bonuses. Get $ 10 upfront plus $ 2 for each friend who signs up by using your link. Sounds like a good deal!

Most importantly, the app users contribute to the mission by not texting and driving, making the mission bigger than any money they could earn by using the OnMyWay app. Download the app if you are looking for an easy way to get paid and lead in a safe direction.

OnMyWay Benefits

  • The registration bonus on the official OnMyWay portal is quite decent. Most rewards apps offer nothing or nothing up to $ 5. With $ 10 on sign up and $ 2 for each of your reference to a friend, this app is a great incentive.
  • The referral program looks great too, considering you literally don’t have to do anything to earn it.
  • The mission is commendable. Encouraging people to drive safely is a really good thing, regardless of the rewards themselves.
  • The app provides you with every mile you drive without using the mobile phone.
  • The application makes you earn every mile you drive without using the mobile phone.
  • The OnMyWay application is automatically activated when you start driving.

The OnMyWay app has a very simple offering. The app rewards you with a certain amount for every mile you can go without texting or using your phone in general. This is to ensure that you focus on driving for the moment and are not distracted by the phone. By paying this amount, you ensure that you will be encouraged to drive responsibly.

The OnMyWay Application

Based in Charleston, SC, OnMyWay has started an initiative to subdue the road accidents and it is simply incredible.

The company is currently working on promoting contracts while being affiliated with various universities, insurance organizations, healthcare providers, and employers who desire to stimulate their employees and customers to drive safely and get paid for doing so.

The company also insists that users are aware of the fact that they are not selling user data to any third-party provider, they are only tracking it for a better user experience while using the OnMyWay application.

A new application called OnMyWay: Drive Safe has been brought into the introduction to make sure that the users don’t use their mobile phone while driving the vehicle. They pay the users for every mile a user drive without using the cell phone.

In this OnMyWay review, we will see how the app works, how much money you can earn, and whether or not the app is legitimate.

Calls can be made and received as long as the vehicle’s Bluetooth is connected to the phone. You can also enjoy some great music from any streaming platform if you enable it before you start.

The OnMyWay app is completely free for users to download and use the same. You need to scan your driver’s license in the app so that the application can verify that you are a legitimate driver.

Distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions and it is estimated that one-third of all car accidents are caused by inattentive driving. While every state in the country has laws that punish texters while driving, even the strictest laws don’t seem to prevent people from checking their phones while on the go. The OnMyWay application can help users to avoid using mobile phones while driving.

The application is extremely easy to use after you download it. The app rewards you with OnMyWay Cash for every mile you don’t drive by using the mobile phone. The app will automatically run in the background when your car is moving over 10 mph. Users can use their cards, music, and Bluetooth and still get rewards while the phone is in the locked position.

The Earnings

OnMyWay drivers earn five cents per mile if they don’t touch the phone. However, a dollar earned on the app does not equal a dollar payment. For every “dollar” of OnMyWay Cash earned, users can take home 10 cents and are effectively rewarded for two miles of 20 miles each.

OnMyWay is a free application that helps users to drive safely.

While this is a legitimate company that appears to be trustworthy, it can be safely assumed that submitting the personal details in this application is completely safe. You have to be a little careful with applications that ask for a lot of personal information in order to be a member.

The OnMyWay application has been successful in subduing road accidents to a good extent. Though the users are limited, it is expected that the rewards will lure the people to use the application. The goal of the OnMyWay application is quite clear, reducing road accidents due to the use of a mobile phone.