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Panda Express Survey is a great opportunity for the customers to place their opinions. Customer feedback is crucial for the Panda restaurant to evaluate themselves and improve themselves.

Panda Express Survey helps the management team to ensure that their every opinion is taken into consideration by the restaurant management team. A customer can complete this survey for free at This survey can be completed within a few minutes and you will be given two main dishes at decent discounts on your next visit.

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Restaurant NamePanda Express
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How Do I Take Panda Express Survey?

Some easy steps that you need to perform while participating in this survey are explained below:

  • To begin the survey, land on the official website of the survey.
  • When you land on the official survey portal, you will be asked to submit certain details. The details include the store number, the date and time of your visit to the restaurant.
  • All the details that are inquired on this page are already printed on the purchase receipt. You can easily find the same while submitting the details.
  • After submitting all the inquired details, click the button that reads Start.
  • Now, you will be taken to the survey questionnaire page.
  • Here, a survey questionnaire will be displayed on your screen. The questionnaire includes certain factors based on your last visit to the Panda Express.
  • You need to answer every question of this questionnaire honestly.
  • After that, click the button that says “Submit”.
  • You need to input your contact details. These details are being asked to every participant so that the management team can reach out to the survey winner without any sort of extra effort.
  • This concludes your survey successfully on the official website.
  • In the end, you will be displayed a validation code. Make sure that you note down the same on your purchase receipt.
  • Make sure that you carry your purchase receipt with the validation code noted on it. This is a redeemable code that works as a key for the customers to claim the survey rewards.

Panda Express Survey By Phone

To take this survey by using the phone, follow the steps that are listed here:

  • To participate or redeem the code, visit the nearest point of sale. Make a purchase from the stores.
  • Visit the Panda Express Restaurant and buy snacks or meals.
  • Take the receipt with you and keep the same handy.
  • Now, call the hotline number 1-888-51-PANDA.
  • You will now listen to the survey questions based on your latest visit to Panda Express that you need to answer.
  • After answering all the questions, you will receive an automatically generated code.
  • On your next visit, Panda Food Express Outlet, kindly show your receipt and redeem the validation code. You can claim the survey rewards only after redeeming this code.

Panda Express Essentials

The basic requirements to take this survey are as follows:

Electronic Gadget: You require a device like a PC, laptop, tablet, etc. to answer the survey. Select the gadget that is useful to you to complete the survey process.

High-Speed Internet Connection: You need a fast network. Therefore, the survey proceeds smoothly and quickly. That saves time and trouble.

Purchase Receipt: A purchase receipt is a must to take this survey.

Sound English Knowledge: You must be familiar with the English to take this survey.

You like Chinese food. How often do you visit Panda Express? Please inform Panda Express if you enjoyed your stay. Share your comments and feedback with Panda Express by participating in the customer satisfaction survey. Upon completion, you will be offered a validation code that you can use next time.

Panda Express Survey Objectives

You may be wondering why do you need to take this survey? Why do you need to invest your precious time in your participation with the survey? Well, some of the main factors that help the management team to evaluate themselves and the factors which are covered in this survey are listed below:

  • To know what do the customers think about the services and the products of the restaurant?
  • What food is loved by the customers the most?
  • How does the customer rate the availability of the products?
  • The Panda Express also makes sure that there are no loopholes with the staff-behavior. If so, they make sure that the staff of the restaurant doesn’t repeat the same.
  • To analyze the market trend.
  • The Panda Express Survey also helps the restaurant to make sure that the best and the fresh quality of food is served on their premises.

Panda Express Restaurant that has launched this survey is one of the most incredible efforts by the company to make sure that the customers are loving each and every food product served on their premises.

You just need to submit the survey code while taking this survey.

Panda Express Customer Support

If you have an enigma with the survey and the problem, you can reach out to the phone number below.

Request Help: 1.800.467.0047

Or email:

[email protected]

You can also reach out to the commercial department.


[email protected]

Panda Express Survey Rewards

Follow a step-by-step guide to get Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Rewards and make sure you’re qualified before starting the Panda Express survey.

  • After completing the Panda Survey, you will be offered a free coupon code.
  • Free Food when you validate the survey code.
  • The offer will be printed on the receipt.
  • Free entry to the Panda Express.

Today, Panda Express Survey is a way to get customer feedback. This survey helps the customers to rate their last visit without any sort of serious effort. The Panda Express Survey portal helps the management team to interact with the customers and make sure that they overcome all their loopholes.

For this reason, they launched the platform or to awaken the interest of customers and invite them to participate in surveys.

Panda Express offers its customers free dinners and free Panda Express codes. You can purchase a free coupon code that you can validate. The next time you visit Panda Express, you can take this free access code to dinner.

Panda Express is an American Chinese cuisine. It serves more than 2,000 locations and is the largest Asian restaurant chain in the United States. This is famous for the orange chicken and my food. The supermarket chain employs more than 27,000 people.

This chain of supermarkets was established in 1973 by friends from the university. Grupo Panda did not open the company for all activities except those in universities authorized by universities.

The company serves 70 million orange chickens every year. Panda offers salubrious menus, which are customizable teas and juices with optional healthy ingredients like aloe vera and chia seeds.

Panda Express is famous for its delicious dishes motivated by Chinese cuisine. Some of the delicious dishes include Cracked Chicken Breast, Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Grilled Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, etc.