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The PayPal Prepaid Mastercard is an official prepaid debit card that you can effectively use to reload money from your PayPal account immediately. It can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The PayPal Prepaid card is managed by Bancorp Bank and NetSpend can be linked to the PayPal account after activation.

PayPal has launched this card to help out the customers to improve their financial transactions. This login portal helps the customers to perform all their financial transactions on a go. Using this login portal is extremely simple and secure for each and every registered user.

To activate a card, users first reload the amount they want to top up. The card opens at launch for fixed amounts like $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, and more. Users then sign in to the PayPal Prepaid login portal and immediately charge the remaining amount to their PayPal account using the PIN code stamped on the reverse side of the card.

Portal NamePayPal Prepaid
Portal ModeOnline
CountryUnited States
Access LanguageEnglish
SiteOfficial Site

PayPal Prepaid Access

It is easy for the customers to sign in and avail of the services offered by this portal. You just need to sign in to avail of all the services offered by this portal. To log in to your account, just go with the steps that are listed below:

  • To begin the login process, land on the official website of this portal.
  • Here, you will see the login option. Click the same.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the login page of this portal.
  • A login form that prompts you to submit your username and the PayPal Prepaid account password will be displayed on your screen.
  • Submit the details in the suitable text field.
  • Now, verify the submitted details once.
  • From here, if your submitted information is correct, you will be allowed to sign in to your account and make sure that you are able to avail of the services offered by the PayPal Prepaid Login portal.

The PayPal Prepaid Mastercard has a special feature that allows the transfers from a PayPal account to the card for quick access to funds. The use of PayPal Prepaid has been increasing day by day. People trust the services offered by this portal and the quality of the services is the primary reason for the same.

PayPal Prepaid Salient Features

Some of the salient features of using this online portal are as follows:

  • People can earn money and personalized offers by using this card.
  • With direct deposit, they can be paid faster than with a cheque.
  • An official card from Banque Bancorp, a member of the FDIC.
  • Using the services offered by this card is extremely simple and straight forward.
  • The online portal is easy to use for each customer.

If people don’t have a debit or credit card, they can officially get one with PayPal’s prepaid benefits. A PayPal prepaid card enables the users to add money to the registered account and pay with the card. Therefore, people can purchase commercial supplies from physical and online retailers that only accept credit or debit cards.

The remaining amount used for the PayPal prepaid card account will be debited from an FDIC insured account at Bancorp Bank. The credit must be transferred to the prepaid card in order to use the PayPal prepaid card. The PayPal prepaid card does not withdraw money directly from the PayPal prepaid account.

There is a monthly cardholder fee of $ 4.95 for this PayPal prepaid card. When customers apply for the card online, the base purchase fee of $ 4.95 is not used, but the recurring fee still applies. These charges are $ 59.40 per year for the activated card.

Cardholders must endorse and activate the offer and then complete the purchase with the official prepaid card. Additionally, cash rewards are credited directly to the card account.

The PayPal Prepaid also offers some great saving plans to each user. Thus, it is ensured that the customer will get a wide range of benefits once they start accessing the services of this card.

The PayPal Prepaid portal has helped the users to enhnace their savings to a good extent. Put money on the card and cardholders can add money to the card in a number of ways.

Once your card is activated, you can deposit all or part of your salary, federal tax refund, or certain federal and state benefits directly or in part.

You can also add money to more than 130,000 NetSpend locations. The minimum amount to be reloaded is $ 10 or $ 20, depending on where you reload your card. The maximum reward amount is $ 500. The remaining amount saved on your card is FDIC insured. If your card is lost, damaged, or stolen, a new card can be easily replaced for a fee of $ 5.95.

The PayPal Prepaid may be a good option for you if you love PayPal, aren’t trying to add or fix your balance, and are ready to find out what fees can be charged for using the card. However, if none of these conditions apply to you, there may be better options for you.

Thus, it can be said that once you access the PayPal Prepaid portal, you will be offered a wide range of services. This portal has been helping the people to ease down the financial transactions of the users to a good extent.