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Boehringer Ingelheim is the firm behind these pet discounts, that effectively invests in a variety of medicines, vaccines, and more in the animal health arena. They have made some successful efforts with veterinary clinics and pharmacies, which has allowed them to offer their customers some valuable animal care offers and discounts. The portal is extremely easy to be used for the registered users.

With Activate, people don’t just save their precious money but also avail of the wide range of benefits to the registered users. The company knows that even saving a few dollars can help families enhance their budgets and get the most for their money.

Activation ModeOnline
BenefitsDiscounts and Offers
Parent OrganizationBoehringer Ingelheim
SiteOfficial Site Usage Guide

The Boehringer Ingelheim official website enables the users to find out which websites they can use and get some lucrative discounts. Have a look at the steps you need to follow to use this portal below:

  • Visit the official portal and sign in into your account.
  • Find the offer code on the proof of purchase and submit it in the corresponding section.
  • Please enter the purchase date on the receipt before proceeding to the next section.
  • Upload a photo or scan the original receipt and discount form as proof of purchase. This serves as additional proof of purchase to authorize the refund of your Visa prepaid card.
  • After that, the cardholders need to fill in the body information that includes information like address, name, etc.
  • Make sure all the details you entered are correct and then have a go on on the Submit section.
  • Now, you will be provided with a tracking number.
  • Kindly, note this number to track the status of your account before the activation process.
  • It may take a time of 1 week for the customers to accept your activation request.

Be sure to keep your proof of purchase when purchasing a pet product from a Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored supplier. You will find a promotional code on the purchase receipt that will enable the users to receive money on the in the refund form. Activation Guide

Follow these simple steps to activate your online without any hassle:

  • First, visit the official Bi Pet Rebates website at the URL
  • Now submit the first 6 digits of your card. You will find these details stamped on your card.
  • Then click Enter to activate your card.
  • After activating the card, you can check the card details such as transactions, bank statements, check your balance, and set your PIN.

The portal offers the customers with a decent discount. Also, the portal believes in neve compromising with the quality at any cost. The product has been the best way to save some precious dollars after purchasing a great quality of food. This official discount can assist all the product buyers to save money on exclusive pet products.

Boehringer Ingelheim is aware of the fact that many families now have cats and dogs. To cover everything that ranges from vet bills to dog food and pet products, these can be extremely expensive, which is why the company deemed it essential to cover the benefits of the Visa card. The discount we seek is available at

The Discount Card

Animals and humans have always been a way of life. Taking care of your pet is just as important as taking care of your health! Animal welfare is a serious subject that continues to be the subject of much improvisation. Fortunately, advanced storage and hygiene practices have made life more comfortable for furry companions.

Whether it’s professionally trained veterinarians, exceptional nutritional supplies, or the right medicine, the animal health industry has made some noteworthy improvements over a decade. And who is more useful than Boehringer Ingelheim to take care of animal health with the online payment method and various discounts? You can avail of various offers after signing up at the official Portal. Contact Information

You can send emails to:

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

3239 Satellite Boulevard

Duluth, Georgia 30096

You can also contact the company by using the number 888-637-4251 to discuss health products for your animals.

Toll-free number: Call 1-800-325-9167 (toll-free).

This article will tell you exactly what Bl Pet Rebates Prepaid Visa Cards are, how to activate and use the card. It also provides some extra and useful information to assist the users to feel more secure with these cards and save some considerable amount of money.

In general, it may take 6-8 weeks for the activation card to process the customer’s request. Cardholders can also check the rules and regulations related to the to make sure that they don’t face any sort of issues while using the portal. After the management team verifies your registration, your card will be dispatched at the address you mention during the signup process.

When people want more discounts and special offers on the pet option, HeartGard coupons can be a great way to learn about the brand’s products. HeartGard is simply recommended for pets older than 6 weeks. They can avail of a wide range of offers from here.

It can take 30 to 60 days for your refund request to be accepted and the card received in the mail. The time vary from person to person and location to location.

Be sure to keep your proof of purchase alongside you when purchasing a pet product from a Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored supplier. You will be offered a promotional code on the purchase receipt that will enable the users to receive money on the prepaid card in the refund form.