TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey

TellPopeyes Survey is a customer satisfaction survey that offers you a golden opportunity to enjoy the free chicken on the premises of the Popeyes.

Also, this survey is one of the most popular surveys that is launched by the Tellpopeys, which prompts you to place the feedback by being a part of the TellPopeyes Survey.

The main objective of the TellPopeyes Survey is interacting with the customers and knowing what do they exactly want and what do they expect. This survey has been a one-stop platform for all the customers who wish to interact with the Popeyes administrators directly.

Official NameTellPopeyes
CountryUnited States
Rewards Free Meals
SiteOfficial Site

TellPopeyes Survey Rules And Requirements

Some of the basic rules and requirements of the TellPopeyes Survey are:

  • It is necessary to enjoy the meals at the Popeyes to review the food of the TellPopeyes.
  • You must be a legal resident of the US or Canada if you wish to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.
  • You must be a minimum 16 if you wish to conduct the TellPopeyes Survey.
  • No employees of the Popeyes must conduct this survey.
  • The TellPopeyes Survey rewards are not transferrable or tradable at all.
  • Kindly conduct this customer survey within 2 days of your visit to the Popeyes.
  • Please keep the Popeyes survey code handy while conducting the TellPopeyes Survey.

Basic Requirements Of The TellPopeyes Survey

  • You must have a TellPopeyes purchase receipt with a TellPopeyes Survey code stamped on it.
  • You must be able to read and write the English language fluently.
  • Your devices like mobile phones, the internet, and laptop must have a basic and stable internet connection.
  • You must be honest with your answers while answering these survey questions.

TellPopeyes Survey Questionnaire

Some important factors included in the TellPopeyes Survey questionnaire are:

  • Was the served order the same as the placed order?
  • Was the staff-behavior of at the Popeyes appropriate?
  • Do you want any changes in the food items of Popeyes?
  • Is the price of the food affordable?
  • Do you visit the Popeyes restaurant frequently?
  • Did you face any issue at your last visit?

How Do I Conduct TellPopeyes Survey?

Some of the basic steps that are needed to be followed to conduct the TellPopeyes Survey are:

  • Visit the official website of the Popeyes at
  • Submit the details like store number, date and time of the visit to the Popeyes, etc.
  • Now, tap the button that reads “Start” to initiate this customer satisfaction survey.
  • Now, you will be landed on the official page of the TellPopeyes Survey questionnaire.
  • This survey questionnaire consists of the questions purely based on your last visit to the Popeyes.
  • Kindly, answer each and every answer to the survey questionnaire honestly.
  • Now, after answering all the questions, tap “Submit”. You will be now asked for some contact details.
  • After submitting the contact details, you will be displayed a validation code which is needed to be redeemed on your next visit to the Popeyes.

What Are The TellPopeyes Survey Rewards?

TellPopeyes Survey offers you a golden opportunity to claim some decent rewards on your successful participation. Some of the rewards offered by the survey are:

  • Gift cards that value around $1000.
  • Free entry to the sweepstakes and free cash prizes.
  • Delicious chicken and meals on the Popeyes premises.
  • If you are the winner of the TellPopeyes Survey, your name will be displayed on the official website.
  • Kindly note that TellPopeyes Survey rewards are not transferrable by any means.

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is one of the most popular multinational chain of fried chicken restaurants having more than 2,600+ locations all over the United States. Established in 1972, New Orleans the Popeyes offers the food with a new taste sensation. Popeyes has been providing some great quality of meals since the first day of its journey and they tend to improve every day. Some of the most delicious foods served by the Popeyes are sandwiches, chickens, seafood, salads, along with family and kids meals.

TellPopeyes Survey is launched by the Popeyes to make certain modifications to their services for the betterment of the customers and themselves. This Survey has been receiving an overwhelming response since its launch.

Kindly, be honest with your each and every TellPopeyes answers, as it will have a severe impact on the services of the Popeyes in the near future. Peace!