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The central principle of this TellTims Sis to collect valuable feedback from the customers and make sure that they provide every customer with the best. The official survey portal can be accessed in the online mode only.

Also, you get a chance to win your free Tim Hortons food or grocery coupons by answering the TellTims Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Therefore, customers who respond to the TellTims survey should ensure that their responses reflect genuine thoughts regarding the services and products they were offered on their last visit to Tim Hortons. If you feel that the offered services were not satisfactory, you can explain the same in brief so that company can work on it. This TellTims survey clearly shows that customer feedback is important to them.

Survey PortalTellTims
Internet Used?Yes
Conducted ByTims Hortons
RewardsFree Meal
SiteOfficial Site

TellTims Survey Participation Guide

The TellTims Survey can be answered by following a legitimate process on the official survey page at If customers want to be rewarded for completing the Tell Tims survey right away, please follow the steps enlisted in the below section.

  • To begin your participation in the official survey page, visit the TellTims survey page at
  • You can answer the TellTims Survey in any one of either English or Spanish language. Select the language in which you are comfortable.
  • Mention the form with the TellTims survey code to receive the final purchase confirmation in the corresponding store.
  • Click the Start Survey tab to begin your participation in the survey.
  • As soon as you land on the home page of this survey, you will see a questionnaire that asks you to rate your last visit to the Time Horton. You need to answer the questions of this survey honestly.
  • Kindly rate Tims catering service based on the most recent shopping experience. Click on the Next button.
  • Respondents must provide personal information such as name, address, location, gender, etc.
  • Hit the Submit button to complete the TellTims Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Submit a valid email address to receive the Tims validation code, with which you will receive special discounts on your next visit to the Tim Hortons.

Before participating, read the Tim Hortons satisfaction survey guide along with the TellTims rules, requirements, and other important things.

To effectively respond to the TellTimHorton Customer Satisfaction Survey and receive free rewards, please read this article and read the information published carefully.

Am I Eligible To Answer TellTims Survey?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria if you wish to answer the survey without any troubles:

  • You must be at least 13 years old to answer the survey questionnaire. People under the age of 13 cannot answer the survey questionnaire under any scenario.
  • You must be a resident of the US or UK to take the free $ 1 Tell Tim Hortons Timbits survey. If you live outside of these areas, you will not be able to answer the survey questionnaire. Also, no survey reward will be made available to them.
  • Restaurant owners are unable to participate in the survey. Also, no employee’s family members can answer the survey.

Do you like donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons? If so, now is the time to share your experience in your restaurants. Tim Hortons would like to enhance the quality of its services and the quality of its products by receiving your feedback.

In return, you will get a validation code with which you can redeem the offer on your next visit to Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons has introduced a customer survey, the TellTims Survey at, to learn more about customer satisfaction. The survey hardly takes any time and effort from your side to be answered.

Tim Hortons, a popular fast-food chain, has a Tell Tim Hortons poll named the TellTims Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Tim Hortons also offers you the option to receive free coupons like Tim Hortons Survey Rewards for free meals. However, the rewards are available only after you answer every question of the survey questionnaire.

What Are The TellTims Survey Rewards?

If you answer the TellTims Survey completely, you have a high chance of winning the free coupon code. Just validate the coupon on your next visit to Tims Hortons and claim the survey rewards with ease. You will be able to enjoy a meal for free after validating this code.

TellTims Survey Basic Prerequisites

Some of the basic requirements to be kept in mind while answering this survey questionnaire are as follows:

  • Your access to an electronic device.
  • A stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Your visit to the Tims Hortons.
  • The participant must have a purchase receipt alongside him while answering the survey questions.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is also a must to answer the survey questionnaire.

An ideal customer is always someone who tells the restaurant how to serve well and meet satisfaction requirements. The TellTims Survey interacts with the customers and helps the company’s management team to know where do they stand.

Additionally, clients should ensure that Tell Tim Hortons’ research is unbiased. The Tim Hortons Customer Survey aims to collect real and valuable feedback based on the last visit to the official zone at

This survey takes approximately 8 minutes for the customers to answer. Your comments are important to the company. This is the reason that they analyze every comment of this survey genuinely and work on the same in the best possible way. The TellTims Customer Survey is answerable at

The TellTims Customer Satisfaction survey, available at, is an online questionnaire that is launched by a company named Tell Tims. It measures your satisfaction with products and services and has recently been recognized by many happy visitors.


The marketing team evaluates the details associated with the Tim Hortons Customer Feedback Survey to serve the customers in the best possible way. However, if you have any questions regarding the TellTims Customer Satisfaction Survey, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below.

The TellTims Survey is an online portal where customers can give their feedback and explain to the company their opinions and suggestions about the products and services that the brand offers. The initiative was necessary to get real-time feedback from valuable customers.

This humble donut shop has undergone numerous changes, mergers, and partnerships throughout history. However, the brand has a proven track record of doing business in the US, UK, and Asia. It is the result of their high quality of services and hard work that they are one of the most loved companies in the country.