WhatUsersDo – Test Websites to earn money

WhatUsersDo is a website testing portal that can be effectively used to earn extra money to evaluate websites and forms. This is known as a user test or usability test, which enables users to earn money without any sort of serious effort or wasting more time.

Last year, WhatUsersDo was acquired by UserZoom, a giant foreign company, part of which is on the Fortune 100 list. Organizations include Facebook, Coca-Cola, Oracle, General Motors, Cisco, New York Times, and Microsoft as well as large retailers such as Kohl’s, Staples, Gap. This online portal is one of the best in terms of enhancing your savings.

Portal NameWhatUsersDo
Portal ModeOnline
RewardsSome Dollars
Payment ModePayPal
SiteOfficial Site

How Do I Use WhatUsersDo?

It is extremely easy to register on the WhatUsersDo as a newly registered tester. Users can see that the website consists of two parts. You can easily test the website and earn a few bucks. It is necessary to sign up on the official portal before accessing the services that the portal offers. Have a look at the steps to login and avail of the services that the portal offers:

  • Sign in and register for an official account.
  • Now, click the link to download the recorder.
  • Now, a test will be displayed on the portal. Take the same to familiarize yourself.
  • Now, take the real surveys and get paid to take the same.
  • On the registration page, the person just needs to submit some basic contact details. The details include the PayPal email address that the payment will be sent to.
  • It also asks users what it means to take the survey.
  • While using this portal, make sure that the electronic device you are using is connected to a stable and high-speed internet connection. The portal demands certain requirements that you need to keep in your mind to access the portal easily.

WhatUsersDo Portal

The company was established in 2008 in London, Great Britain, with the focus of providing usability testing to its customers. The survey focus is UX (short for User Experience). This means that other companies pay them to collect details on how users rate a particular website. This online portal has helped the users to earn some precious few dollars for their contribution.

Last year WhatUsersDo was procured by UserZoom, a famous and the most loved company, half of which are on the Fortune 100 list. Corporate customers incorporate Facebook, Coca Cola, Adobe, Oracle, General Motors, Cisco, New York Times, and Microsoft. Lenovo and big retailers like Kohl’s, Staples, Gap, Kroger. A very noble list that confirms that they are legitimate and serious in what they do.

You will be provided a video tutorial (up to eight minutes) when you register for an account. Download the WhatUsersDo screen recorder from Google Play or Apple Store to access the official portal. Test the microphone immediately after turning it on. There is a reason why you cannot skip this step. This is necessary as you run the risk of not being paid if customers cannot hear your voice clearly.

After completing the WhatUsersDo, you will also receive a short 5-minute questionnaire with demographic details. There is no need to return to your dashboard as you will be notified by email each time a new trial is available. In this case, you need to hurry, and if possible, do it immediately, otherwise, it will expire.

WhatUsersDo Test Types

Each test should last a maximum of 20 minutes and should always contain clear instructions. Even if you have never done usability tests, you will know them immediately. In most cases, you will be asked to visit a specific website and perform a wide range of actions, such as Click a tab, place an item in the shopping cart, and choose from a wide range of items. It’s like normal surfing, you only get paid for it.

How much can you earn on this platform? Each test pays the users with $ 8/8/8, but your monthly income really depends on the number of tests you need to take. Most users receive around three invitations a month. However, it is necessary to know that the number of tests you will receive in am month depends on certain factors. Thus, it is necessary to get through the terms and conditions of this portal once before registering on the same.

Passing these tests won’t make you rich, but the payoff is still good considering how little time it takes. Your earnings will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account on the 25th of the following month.

The ways by which you can earn money are in abundance. Be it freelance work to online survey and testing, earnings range from a full-time (and substantial) income to a few extra dollars. The online WhatUsersDo portal is one of the easiest ways for you to invest a few minutes and earn some extra dollars to amplify your account savings.

Last year, WhatUsersDo was acquired by UserZoom, a multinational foreign company, part of which is on the Fortune 100 list. Some very popular and loved companies are associated with the WhatUsersDo online portal.

Ultimately, users are helping website owners push through reforms. By meeting ordinary people who use their websites, our affiliates gain valuable insight into what real people are doing on their websites and discover what is difficult and frustrating for them. The companies are exactly able to know the needs and expectations of the customers.

People can’t see how the user experience can change, but they can also handle common exceptions. And the best part is that a test of 5 people is enough to get the most out of the problems.

The WhatUsersDo online portal is extremely easy for the users to register at and avail of the offered services. Thus, you can make sure that you are able to amplify your savings by registering yourself on the official portal.