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MyHTSpace is specially launched for Harris Teeter employees. Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain having around 254 stores in seven South Atlantic states. The company is headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina. MyHTspace Login portal is only intended for those currently at work or employed by Harris Teeter.

After you register on the online portal, you can avail of all the benefits offered by this portal. Thus, it becomes necessary to register on this portal.

MyHTSpace is designed to give Harris Teeter employees access to all benefits, which includes competing salaries, a quality work-life antithesis, and financial and commercial privileges for suited employees. Through the online portal at the website address, employees can sign in their existing accounts, new users can register accounts, and all the details about their job can be accessed online.

Portal NameMyHTSpace
Parent CompanyHarris Teeter
SiteOfficial Site

MyHTSpace Registration Process

To use this online portal, you need to follow a set of simple requirements. Have a look at the same below:

  • After signing in to, simply click the Register button on the screen.
  • When you click the Register button on the official MyHTSpace website, a page for you to fill in the fields will appear on the home page. Here, you will be asked to submit some details.
  • Details can include your business code, date of birth, social security number, first name, last name, PIN, mobile phone number, postal address, etc.
  • If you don’t have a company key, you have the option of obtaining one. After contacting the benefits administrator, you will get it at some point.
  • After you have entered all the details, you can complete the registration process
  • You will then receive your username and password for your personal connection to MyHTSpace. These credentials will work as your key to log in to your account.
  • Finally, you can sign in to the portal with a user ID and password to verify that it is working and access the services of the Harris Teeter team. You can use services like WFM Harris Teeter, Harris Teeter Workforce, Pay Stub, and my ht Space Worker program.

MyHTSpace Login Portal Access Guide

If you are a member of the Harris Teeter organization and wish to get the full advantage and the services offered by the portal, you can easily get them by signing into your account. To connect to My HT Space, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the My HT Space portal at the website address in your updated browser which should support the use of this portal.
  • After completing the main step, you will see the portal home page where you can simply enter the credentials to log into your account.
  • In the login details, you will need to submit your account username and password.
  • Based on the login and password information entered, you will be directed to the Employee Benefits program, which includes high-quality health, commercial benefits, high-quality work-life balance, and much more.
  • It is necessary to keep the browser updated to use the MyHTSpace Login portal without any sort of worries. This portal works best when used with the latest web-browser.
  • If the details you submit are correct, you will be allowed to log in and thus land on the home page of your account. You can avail of all the services that are offered by the online MyHTSpace Login portal.

MyHTSpace Customer Assistance

If you are still having trouble signing in to MyHTSpace, kindly contact the Human Resource Services Center at 704-844-HR4U or 888-590-8859, available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The customer support of this online portal is always happy to help you out.

This MyHTSpace is actually an employee login portal where an employee can check working hours, a competitive salary, quality of health, and financial situation.

And this is a special login portal for employees who serves the Harris Teeter and thus making it better with each passing day.

The company has launched this online portal to simplify the professional life of the employees easy.

MyHTSpace Account Management

Many employees have subsequently realized the benefits of MyHTSpace, but most employees still don’t know how to create MyHTSpace and manage their profiles. These are things that sometimes really get overlooked and become a bigger problem.

That is why we would like to cover the basics like registering, signing in, resetting your password, and managing your profile.

Employees who are uncertain which web browser they are using to access the portal can check the browser requirements listed in our article to make sure that the browser they are using is ideal for this online portal. The official MyHTSpace Login portal has been helping the employees to a great extent.

Once your browser has been confirmed to be compatible with the online service, you can submit your username and password. Employees who favor accessing the portal in multiple languages have an option to access the portal in any one English, French, or Spanish language.

The MyHTSpace Login portal is extremely simple and user-friendly to be used for each and every user. This portal has made sure that the employees need not visit the HR department again and again. Thus, this online portal has enhanced the overall productivity level on the company’s premises to a good extent.

This MyHTSpace is actually an employee login portal where an employee can view and check their working hours, salary structure, quality of health, and financial situation. Also, they will get the information about their leave status on this portal.

This portal has solely been introduced to make life easy for the Harris Teeter employees.

This was created by Harris Teeter so that all employees can get the most out of the employee program.

As mentioned above, the MyHTSpace Login portal is an employee sign in the portal through which employees can check the exceptional benefits, review payments, review new offers, and manage their entire account through this portal.

In fact, MyHTSpace has a ton of benefit plans that make it a special opportunity for the employees.