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MyIndigoCard has been providing some excellent quality of the financial services since the very first day of its introduction in the market. People often tend to worry about their financial complications and thus waste their time always thinking about it. This card is one of the best options when it comes to providing some great financial services like monitoring the transactions and checking the balance at regular intervals. It is necessary to note that Indigo is not the same as a traditional credit or debit cards.

So before you move ahead to know how you can sign in to your Indigo MasterCard Account or Credit Card, you should know what are the ways through which you can access the MyIndigoCard.

The Indigo Platinum Master Credit Card is extremely popular and the loved option in the United States when it comes to serving the financial services. The Indigo management team is available all over the world. If you are worried about your financial life, you can purchase the Indigo Card and activate the same to make sure that your financial worries now belongs to Indigo. It is mandatory to note that you need to activate your before accessing it.

Official NameMyIndigoCard
Country United States
UsersResidents of the US
SiteOfficial Site

Activating MyIndigoCard On

Some of the steps that are needed to be followed to activate the Indigo on the portal are as follows:

  • Visit the official portal of the Indigo at the address
  • You need to create your user account on this portal with your details like name, contact number, etc.
  • Now, you will be urged to enter your card details.
  • After submitting the details correctly, tap “Submit”. Your card will be activated in seconds.

Managing MyIndigoCard Online

Have a look at the steps to access the card online below:

  • Visit the Indigo Card portal at the official website at the address
  • Now, tap the “Login” section.
  • You will be asked the login credentials that you decided while activating the MyIndigoCard.
    • Submit your username and password.
  • If the above details are correct, you will be redirected to the home page. Now, you can access the various financial services like monitoring transactions, checking balance, etc.

MyIndigoCard Salient Features

Some of the benefits that Indigo offers as compared to the normal traditional credit and debits cards are:

  • The Indigo Platinum Master Credit Card charges an annual fee of $0 – $99 that entirely depends on your credit score and credit history.
  • MyIndigoCard gets easily approved as compared to that of traditional debit and credit cards.
  • Applying for this card is extremely easy.
  • No customers are demanded a security deposit to access the MyIndigoCard.
  • This card comes up with lucrative reward programs and a credit limit of $300.

Celtic Bank allocates Indigo MasterCard, but Genesis FS Card Services is affiliated to MyIndigoCard great as well. As soon as your purchase your own MyIndigoCard, you can activate it by following some very simple steps.

You can use Indigo even if your account credit standing is not up to the mark. Your application for the MyIndigoCard will hardly get rejected. These cards are accessible all over the United States in the stores where they are accepted.

It is necessary to keep in mind that, only the U.S. residents having age more than 18 are allowed and eligible to apply for My Indigo Card. Also, they can enhance their credit rating by getting this card.

Why MyIndigoCard?

Now, it is clear that the approval and the activation procedure of the MyIndigoCard are extremely simple and it hardly takes any time to complete. But, why should you prefer it over the traditional credit or debit card? My Indigo Card comes up with a great number of advantages along with it. Some of the prime advantages of the MyIndigoCard are as follows:

Modes of paying bills: To make payments for Indigo Card monthly you can decide the option that suits you from the given 4 options. Kindly, have a look at the four options provided by the MyIndigoCard for bill payment.

    • Online mode of payment: This method is one of the most convenient and preferred methods to make your bill payment online by visiting the official website of the Indigo at This method of payment doesn’t demand any sort of fee and is extremely convenient to and a fast option to pay your monthly bills. You just need to submit your card details like username and password to use this mode of payment.
    • Paying MyIndigoCard bills by phone: The next preferred method includes paying the MyIndigoCard bill by using your phone. In this mode, you just need to dial the number, which is stamped on the reverse side of your card. Once you dial this number you will be inquired some basic details that will be purely related to your payment process. To use this mode of payment, dial the number 866-946-9545.
    • Bill payment by MoneyGram or Western Union: The users who want to make their payment by using MoneyGram or Western Union need to find the nearest location of MoneyGram. You will need to submit some basic details there. This is also an easy method of paying your bills.

This card has helped the financial complications of US residents easy to a great extent. This card has also facilitated the small, medium, and large scale business to a great extent. Big supermarkets, banks, residents, all have now made these cards as their preferred mode of transaction.

MyIndigoCard cardholders can use the online web portal after activating the MyIndigoCard and signing to their account. They can perform various operations like monitoring the transactions, checking the regular balance, etc. by using the MyIndigoCard. The online portal of the Indigo Card is extremely secure and user-friendly to use.

Thus, if you are a resident of the United States, you should purchase the MyIndigoCard and activate it on the Indigo is always there to make your financial complications easy and secure. Peace!