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TellTheBell is the customer satisfaction feedback survey launched by the Tacobell at the official portal Taco Bell. Here customers can place their valuable and honest feedback, which will help Taco Bell to enhance the quality of the products and services for the customers on their premises.

Your participation in the survey gives you an opportunity to claim rewards in the form of $500 sweepstakes. Please note that you can claim the rewards only after answering each and every answer of the TellTheBell Survey. This survey hardly takes any time to complete and in turn, offers a decent amount of rewards.

Official NameTellTheBell
Management TeamTaco Bell
RewardsCash Back
SiteOfficial Site

Rules and Regulations of the TellTheBell Survey

To conduct the survey on the official website at, you need to take certain rules into consideration. Have a look at them below:

  • This survey and the entry in the sweepstakes are open only to the permanent and the legal residents of any of the 50 states of the United States.
  • Taco Bell allows only the person above 18 years of age to conduct the Taco Bell Survey.
  • In no scenario, present or the former employee of the Taco Bell or the family members of them should conduct the TellTheBell Survey.
  • It is necessary to consider that a purchase from the Taco Bell in no case increases the chances of you winning the Taco Bell Survey.
  • If you become the lucky winner of this survey, your rewards cannot be transferred or traded by any means.
  • Only one prize is allowed for single participation.
  • One person can conduct the TellTheBell Survey only once in a month.

How To Conduct TellTheBell Survey?

You must be wondering that how to participate in the TellTheBell Survey, and how to enter the sweepstakes? We have explained each and every TellTheBell participation steps below. Have a look at the same below:

  • Firstly, visit the official Taco Bell website at
  • It is necessary that you keep your purchase visit receipt handy while conducting the TellTheBell Survey. You will be requiring the survey code from it.
  • When you land on the Taco Bell portal, submit the Taco Bell Survey code stamped on your Taco Bell purchase receipt.
  • Now, after submitting the inquired details, tap “Start”. This will initiate your Taco Bell Survey.
  • A series of survey questions will be displayed on your screen. Answer all those questions carefully.
  • After answering each and every question of the TellTheBell Survey, submit the inquired contact details.
  • After the above step, you are now eligible to enter the sweepstakes and claim the TellTheBell rewards.

Why Should I Conduct TellTheBell Survey?

TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey offers multiple advantages not only to the customers but also to the Taco Bell. Some of the primary advantages of conducting the TellTheBell Survey are as follows:

  • Taco Bell gets to know the opinions and the feedback of the customers by using the TellTheBell Survey. This survey is of the people and for the people. Thus, TellTheBell Survey ensures the enhancement in the customer satisfaction level on the premises of the Taco Bell.
  • TellTheBell Survey allows Taco Bell to prepare a database regarding the needs and expectations of the customers. Also, it allows the customers to analyze how much are their customers satisfied on its premises?
  • Taco Bell is able to attract a more number of customers on their premises, thus helping them to grow on a regular basis.

Rewards For TellTheBell Survey

Your successful participation in the TellTheBell Survey offers the participants rewards like:

  • Delicious food items at Taco Bell without paying a single penny.
  • Heavy discounts on meals.
  • Some cashback.

Taco Bell is one of the most loved chains of fast-food restaurants in the United States of America. It is headquartered in Irvine, California, USA. Taco Bell is known for serving some delicious Mexican Items on its menu. It also specializes in serving some delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, and many other items. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. Taco Bell was established by Glen Bell in the year 1962. Today, Taco Bell acquires more than 7000 stores in the United States and Canada. It has been providing some great quality of services for more than 5 decades now, and it strives to improve every day. TellTheBell Survey is a clear example of the same.