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What is TheDoctorBill and how to use these services to pay the medical bills? Nowadays we are mostly relying on technology to finish our works quickly and easily. In simple words, we are most attracted to online services which make our work easy and convenient. TheDoctorBill is also an online portal that helps the customers to pay the medical bills.

TheDoctorBill portal is extremely secure and fast to pay the bills online. Just sign in to this online portal and pay all your pending bills from anywhere and at any time. If you don’t have the sign-in details, you can also utilize the patient’s account number to pay your medical bills easily.

TheDoctorBill is one of the loved and the most reliable online portals where the users can pay their medical or hospital bills. is the official website of this online portal. One can easily sign in to this portal and clear their bills. You will receive a confirmation message from the TheDoctorBill support team for every transaction you make. The registration steps and the login procedure of this portal are extremely easy to be performed.

Official NameTheDoctorBill
Portal TypeLogin
ServicesBill Payments
SiteOfficial Site

TheDoctorBill Login Procedure

The login procedure of this portal is a very simple process but you need to be ready with the basic login credentials i.e Account Number and Password for using this portal. You can get the Account number from the patient’s bill statement. Now just go with the steps below to login to your account.

Step 1– As Thedoctorbill is an online portal, make sure that the device you use is connected to active and stable wifi or internet connection.

Step 2– The first step is to visit the official website of the TheDoctorBill portal from your favorite and trusted web browser at

Step 3– You will be connected to the new page i.e, the login page. Here you need to submit the details like the Account Number and Password of your online portal.

Step 4– In case you don’t have the account number, you can get the same from the upper right corner of the Patient bill statement.

Step 5– You need to submit the patient’s Date Of Birth in the format mm-dd-yyyy in the required field.

Step 6– It is recommended that you verify your submitted details before clicking the “Login” button.

Making Payment Using TheDoctorBill Portal

The online method of payment by using the TheDoctorBill portal is one of the most efficient methods for you to clear all your payments. Have a look at the methods to clear your bills using this portal below:

  • If you are going to pay bills online it is mandatory that you have an active and a good wifi connection.
  • Now visit the favorite browser from your device and enter the official website of this online portal at the address in the address bar of your browser and press enter.
  • Now you will be taken to the official home page of the TheDoctorBill portal.
  • Here you need to sign in to pay your bills. You can follow the steps explained above and sign in to this online portal easily.
  • After signing in, you can check for your account information like payment history, balance amount to be paid, due dates for payments, and many more.
  • Now select the bill that is to be paid and then select the mode of payment to pay your bill.
  • The TheDoctorBill portal accepts any type of payment mode like Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Master Card, etc. Select the one from the list and tap the “Continue” button.
  • After confirming the payment mode and the amount to be paid, submit all the required information on your payment option and complete the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message to the mobile number that you provided or the email id.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prism affiliated to TheDoctorBill online portal?

No, Prism is not affiliated with TheDoctorBill by any means. Prism is a standalone bill pay service that allows you to track and pay all of the bills you have for all of your billers.

What are the options to check and pay my bills at this online portal?

There are several options to pay your bills using this portal. You can either pay online at the official website of the TheDoctorBill portal, or you can also use Prism’s mobile app to pay all your bills.